To continuously achieve peak performance in any organization, a culture of learning must be nurtured to ensure the right competency framework is in place at all times. This will allow businesses to better respond to unexpected knockabouts, meet complex challenges ahead and achieve set objectives. ABL adopts the following fundamental approach in all our engagements:

It starts from the top - Learning as part of Corporate Strategy

We firmly believe that any transformational learning initiatives require support and investment from Senior Management. Through collaborative efforts with senior leaders, we will better understand your peoples’ capability levels and what it’ll take to deliver on agreed-upon objectives. Through the enhancement and/ or formulation of fresh competency frameworks and a detailed needs analysis exercise, we will have clarity on the gaps involved. This will allow us to create a bespoke learning journey that is 100 percent aligned with Corporate strategy.

Establishing the business case for L & D transformation

There’s always a compelling investment case when Learning is carefully aligned and embedded within Corporate strategy. ABL will clearly demonstrate the business returns at every step in the process thus allowing for a robust and sustainable L & D journey to be visible for each individual. This will naturally lead to more confident employees who are able to see the purpose of their individual contributions which will in turn lead to better employee motivation/ retention and an eventual high performance culture. All this boding well in maximising the Learning investment with clear ROI checks and balances in place.

ABL’s MaxImpact approach - blended learning design & technology

Our MaxImpact approach commits us to design solutions that always use the most appropriate channels available. As we constantly stress, the entire L & D journey must never be a one-off approach. It must be embedded in an organisation’s culture allowing for meticulously planned and executed intervention points at the right time. Such learning interventions at the appropriate timing needs to be clearly understood and accurately designed to the precise requirements of each employee.  Technology affordances such as predictive analytics, learning gaps and intervention modelling, and artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role in help organisations map, track, manage, and grow their workforce. Yet, this is NOT a technology-play narrative: tech alone cannot achieve such efficacy; Design does.  This is where ABL’s depth and breadth of specialist capabilities makes it uniquely possible to realise such visions in learning and development.  Whether its on technology, pedagogy, human resource management, training or personalised coaching, our MaxImpact model allows us to construct and deploy effective solutions utilizing the right mix of technology assets, media, and/ or services when and where appropriate.

Tracking practical progress & understanding the gaps

Progress gathering and output measurements are incorporated into all our programmes thus providing quick verification on learning impact towards real life business issues. Long term transformational results can then be tracked with better accuracy as a result which in turn produces better clarity on learning ROI. ABL believes that effectively nurturing a learning culture is to showcase its ongoing success at every stage of development.

ABL believes that

effectively nurturing a learning culture is to showcase its ongoing success at every stage of development.

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